Spirittea is a captivating fusion of a life simulation and a management game, immersing players in a magical world where the mundane intersects with the ...

About Spirittea

What is Spirittea?

Spirittea is a captivating fusion of a life simulation and a management game, immersing players in a magical world where the mundane intersects with the spiritual. Inspired by beloved classics like Stardew Valley and infused with the essence of spirit-focused anime and manga, the game follows the journey of a writer who, after an accidental sip from a mystical teapot, gains the ability to perceive the spirit world intermingling with reality.

How to Play Spirittea:

 - Solve the Spirit's Problems: Engage in problem-solving quests to aid spirits in remembering their lost selves, requiring tasks from finding treasures to preparing spicy noodles.

 - Make Friends with Locals: Interact with diverse NPCs, each with unique schedules, preferences, hobbies, and quests. Engage in activities from bug catching to karaoke to build relationships.

 - Manage the Bathhouse:

  • Embrace the responsibility of rejuvenating an ancient spirit bathhouse.
  • Clean towels, maintain cleanliness, and organize the facilities.
  • Provide top-notch service by offering food, expert scrubbing, and ensuring a perfect bathing experience.

 - Upgrade and Decorate: Embark on a journey to upgrade the bathhouse and local shops, acquiring furniture and revitalizing overgrown areas to cater to diverse spirits' preferences.

Rules of Engagement in the Bathhouse:

 - Maintain Cleanliness and Order: Regularly sweep away cobwebs, collect towels, and organize the bathhouse to ensure a pleasant environment.

 - Deliver Exceptional Service: Pamper spirits with delectable cuisine and thorough cleansing during their relaxation time.

 - Personalize the Bathing Experience:

  • Heat the water boilers to varying temperatures to suit each spirit's preferences.
  • Mix elixirs to create the perfect bathwater tailored to individual spirits.

 - Seating Arrangements Matter: Strategically seat spirits together based on their affinities and relationships. Ensure friends are together and prevent conflicts by separating incompatible spirits.


 - Bathhouse Maintenance: Regularly clean, organize, and upgrade the bathhouse to attract more spirits and improve their experiences.

 - Customer Satisfaction: Fulfill individual spirit preferences to maximize customer satisfaction and earn higher ratings.

 - Relationship Building: Forge friendships with both spirits and locals to unlock quests, improve the bathhouse, and expand your network.

 - Profit Maximization: Optimize seating arrangements and services to generate higher earnings and expand the bathhouse's capabilities.

      Spirittea invites players to immerse themselves in a whimsical world where everyday tasks intertwine with the supernatural. Embrace the challenge of managing a mystical bathhouse while navigating relationships with spirits and townsfolk, crafting an experience brimming with enchantment and discovery.

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