Royal Order

Royal Order is a captivating historical fantasy Visual Novel that immerses players in a world of court intrigue, magical prowess, and strategic decision-making.

About Royal Order

What is Royal Order?

Royal Order is a captivating historical fantasy Visual Novel that immerses players in a world of court intrigue, magical prowess, and strategic decision-making. Set in the same universe as its predecessor, Royal Alchemist, this game offers a fresh narrative with a new cast of characters, yet retains the rich lore and immersive atmosphere loved by fans of the series.

In Royal Order, players step into the role of Aarya, the newest member of the esteemed High Council, a powerful faction of magicians. As the kingdoms of the continent of Igrith face the relentless pillaging of the Sval pirates, tensions escalate among the ruling factions. To combat this threat, the High Council creates the Royal Order, enlisting the royal heirs of three kingdoms to plead for assistance.

However, the task is not merely about defeating the pirates; it's about navigating complex political dynamics and managing the delicate balance of power between the kingdoms. As Aarya, players must utilize their diplomatic skills, magical abilities, and strategic acumen to lead the Royal Order to victory while keeping the kingdoms from plunging into chaos.

How to Play Royal Order:

  • Customizable Protagonist: Begin by creating your character, customizing their appearance, choosing their pronouns, and assigning them a name. This personalized protagonist will guide the fate of the Royal Order and shape the course of the story.
  • Navigate Court Intrigue: Dive into a world of political maneuvering and courtly machinations as you interact with influential figures from the three kingdoms. Make strategic decisions to gain favor with different factions and navigate the delicate balance of power to achieve your goals.
  • Manage the Royal Order: Lead the royal heirs through various challenges and trials, improving their skills and abilities to prepare them for the battles ahead. Utilize two distinct stats-raising systems – Skills and Personality – to enhance their capabilities and ensure their survival.
  • Host Social Events: Build alliances and strengthen relationships by hosting social events that attract the attention of key figures within the kingdoms. Choose your guests wisely and engage in meaningful interactions to gain support and influence crucial decisions.
  • Embark on Campaigns: Led the Royal Order on daring campaigns against the Sval pirates, utilizing both magical prowess and military strategy to overcome challenges and secure victory. Manage resources effectively and make strategic choices to outmaneuver your adversaries and bring an end to the plundering.
  • Time Management & Quest System: Navigate through 60 in-game weeks, each presenting new challenges and opportunities. Manage your time wisely, prioritize tasks, and embark on quests that shape the course of the story and lead to different endings.
  • Romantic Interactions: Explore romantic relationships with three captivating love interests – two male and one female – as you navigate the complexities of courtly romance amidst the chaos of war.
  • Multiple Endings: With 10 unique endings to discover, every choice you make and every relationship you cultivate will impact the outcome of the story. Will you succeed in bringing peace to the kingdoms, or will your actions lead to devastating consequences?

Royal Order offers a thrilling blend of narrative-driven gameplay, strategic decision-making, and immersive world-building, providing players with a captivating experience that will keep them engaged from beginning to end. Are you ready to embark on this epic journey and lead the Royal Order to victory? The fate of the kingdoms lies in your hands.

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