Immaculate Gridiron

Welcome to Immaculate Gridiron, an exhilarating and challenging game that puts your NFL player knowledge to the ultimate test

About Immaculate Gridiron

Welcome to Immaculate Gridiron, an exhilarating and challenging game that puts your NFL player knowledge to the ultimate test. Inspired by the popular game Immaculate Grid, this version is tailored specifically for American football enthusiasts, requiring players to guess NFL players who meet two intersecting criteria on the grid. Prepare to dive into the realm of American football and showcase your expertise as you identify NFL players based on their achievements and statistics.


 - For each cell, choose a player who meets the requirements for that cell's row and column.

 - A player must have worn the uniform for that team in one NFL regular season game in order to be considered a member of that team.

 - If a cell is for a team and an award, the prize must have been received after 1999; however, the recipient need not have been a member of the winning team.

 - The player you choose must have recorded that stat after 1999 but didn't have to be on the team when recording that stat if the cell is for a team and a season stat.

 - Any player you choose for a stat cell must have accrued that stat in a finished season or game played in 1999 or later.

 - A player must have been drafted from a specific institution if they are chosen for a cell with that college. If a player switches colleges, the new school becomes the new school.

 - The athlete you choose must have graduated from that college and accrued that season stat in the NFL (not in college) if a cell is for a college and a season stat.

 - No player may be utilized more than once.

 - The grid must be filled out using nine guesses.

 - Every guess, regardless of whether it is accurate or not, counts.

 - NFL players might be predicted as active or inactive.

 - Every day at 5 AM EST, a new grid is created.

Immaculate Gridiron immerses fans in the world of NFL statistics, records, and player profiles. The game offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of NFL players and their achievements while having fun with each puzzle.

  Immaculate Gridiron is an exciting and challenging game that caters to the passion and knowledge of American football fans. With its focus on NFL player statistics and achievements, the game puts players' expertise to the test as they identify players who meet specific intersecting criteria. Engage in critical thinking, strategize your decisions, and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of NFL player profiles. With a new puzzle to solve every day, Immaculate Gridiron keeps players engaged and coming back for more, eager to demonstrate their NFL player knowledge and conquer each challenge with precision and accuracy. Get ready to put your skills to the test and become an NFL player expert in Immaculate Gridiron!

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