Immaculate Grid Pro Football

Immaculate Grid Pro Football is a captivating daily trivia game that challenges your knowledge of NFL players, teams, and statistics. With a new grid ...

About Immaculate Grid Pro Football

Immaculate Grid Pro Football is a captivating daily trivia game that challenges your knowledge of NFL players, teams, and statistics. With a new grid available every day at 9:00 a.m. ET, this game offers football enthusiasts an exciting opportunity to prove their expertise. Whether you're a die-hard NFL fan or simply looking to expand your football knowledge, Immaculate Grid Pro Football provides a fun and engaging daily challenge.

How to Play Immaculate Grid Pro Football

Playing Immaculate Grid Pro Football is both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. Here's how to play:

 - Grid Setup: The game presents a 3x3 grid. At the top, you'll find countries listed, and on the side columns, you'll see NFL teams.

 - Player Selection: Your objective is to select a player for each cell in the grid. Each player you choose must meet the criteria specified for that cell's row and column.

 - Nine Guesses: You have a total of nine guesses to complete the grid. Every guess you make, whether it's correct or incorrect, counts toward your total guesses.

 - New Grid Daily: Immaculate Grid Football offers a fresh grid every day, available at 9:00 am ET. This daily rotation keeps the game exciting and ensures you can challenge your knowledge regularly.

 - No Duplicate Players: Players cannot be used twice in the same grid, which adds a strategic element to the game. You need to carefully select players to maximize your chances.

 - Active or Inactive Players: The game considers both active and inactive NFL, AFL, or AAFC players.

 - Franchise History: Previous franchise names also qualify. For instance, players from the Houston Oilers match the Tennessee Titans, and St. Louis Rams players match the Los Angeles Rams (refer to complete franchise history for details).

 - Team and Award Criteria: To select a player for a team and award cell, the player must have won the award in a season they appeared for that team.

 - Super Bowl Winners: To qualify as a Super Bowl winner for a team, a player must have appeared in a game for the team (regular season or playoff game) during the Super Bowl-winning season.

 - Team and Season Stat: For team and season stat cells, the player must have recorded the specified stat while on that team. Even players who played on multiple teams in a season must have the stat recorded with that team.

 - Two Stat/Awards Cells: Players can qualify for two stat/awards cells even if they didn't accomplish the feats in the same season.

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